Chris Herring has big day with epic “Blood in the Garden” Knicks news

A book that should be at the top of the offseason reading list for every New York Knicks fan (if it hasn’t already been read) should be “Blood in the Garden” by Chris Herring. It’s a recount of the Knicks teams of the 1990s, and trust me, Herring didn’t leave a single detail out.

The last time that New York made it to the NBA Finals was 1999, so the 90s were a treasured time for fans. But Herring’s book can be enjoyed by all NBA fans, not just fans of the Knicks. Barack Obama proved that when he put the book on his annual summer reading list.

Chris Herring’s 90s book about the Knicks makes it on Obama’s summer reading list

Imagine scrolling through Twitter and seeing your book pop up on Obama’s reading list. That’s quite the compliment. Herring thought so, too.

On top of that, New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy confirmed that Spike Lee’s working on a film series based on Herring’s book.

That’s something that Herring was already aware of since it’s his book, but it’s still been a big day for the Sports Illustrated writer.

Spike Lee’s caught some flak for his Knicks fandom recently. He was spotted in Brooklyn cheering on the Nets during the first round of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics. Since he was actively rooting for Brooklyn, that rubbed a lot of Knicks fans the wrong way, including Ben Stiller.

But hey, if there’s someone who should be in charge of a film about the Knicks, it’s Spike Lee. And based on how well Herring did with the book, fans should expect the same from the film. Madison Square Garden in the 90s was absolutely made for a movie, and a few decades later, we’re finally going to get to see it.

Oh, and don’t forget to read the book! You won’t regret it.