Knicks 2022 NBA Draft: No. 11 pick prospect AJ Griffin

It’s well known at this point that the New York Knicks are looking to add long, athletic wings with potential on both ends of the floor to sandwich in between RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin, and if that’s what they truly desire, then look no further than Duke’s AJ Griffin.

The 6-6 forward didn’t produce as much in college as other top prospects, but given all the physical tools and the shooting ability, he would fit perfectly on the Knicks’ roster, and if they get lucky enough to have him fall in the draft, they won’t be able to call his name fast enough.

Most mock drafts are seeing Griffin fall between No. 7 and No. 10, and while there’s a good chance New York will try to move up in the draft with a team like Portland, the Knicks may sit back at No. 11 and cross their fingers that Griffin falls all that way, as the talent at the top of this draft may allow just that to happen.

How does AJ Griffin fit with this New York Knicks squad?

This Knicks squad is at a crossroads right now, as they have too many veterans clogging up the rotation in a young, athletic squad full of untapped potential. If New York stays at No. 11 and selects Griffin (subscription required), it will be a clear indicator that the front office is trusting the youth.

In that case, Griffin would fit perfectly with this team, as he could find a spot in the starting lineup alongside Immanuel Quickley, Barrett, and Toppin (assuming the Knicks make the moves that have been widely speculated on).

With his blend of athleticism and scoring on all three levels, Griffin would be the perfect fit for this squad, and if the team truly believes in Quickley as the point guard of the future, then Griffin, alongside Barrett and Toppin, could help unlock the immense potential of this lineup.

What are the chances that AJ Griffin falls to the Knicks at No. 11?

Griffin is one of a handful of talented young wings that will be available following the seemingly consensus top six (Banchero, Smith, Ivey, Holmgren, Sharpe, Murray), and therefore, it’s incredibly hard to predict which order they will go in, but it’s likely that he will be one of the first in the next group off the board.

This is going to be a very unpredictable draft, so it’s hard to tell whether Griffin will go at No. 7 or anywhere down to No. 12, but it’s safe to say that at least one player out of this talented group of wings will be available when the Knicks pick at No. 11.

We’ve heard rumblings about New York’s love for Johnny Davis and Jaden Ivey, and while it hasn’t been as loud for Griffin, it’s been made clear that the Knicks love his size, skillset, and motor. If he drops past No. 7, you can almost guarantee that New York will be on the phone trying to move up to secure his position in the Big Apple for years to come.

Will the Knicks draft AJ Griffin if he is available at No. 11?

Griffin is the first in a line of long, rangy, athletic wings, and after the top five, things are a complete mess, but if for some reason Griffin does make it to No. 11, the Knicks should be counting their lucky stars.

Pairing Griffin with Barrett, Toppin, Grimes, and Reddish gives this team yet another great shooting option, and under the tutelage of Tom Thibodeau, Griffin could become an above-average defender with this team.

If New York plans to stay at No. 11 instead of trading up like plenty of people have suggested, landing Griffin would be a dream scenario, even if it’s more than likely that another team will have already stepped up to draft the former Blue Devil.