3 players Knicks could select with No. 42 pick in 2022 NBA Draft

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The 2022 NBA Draft happens tomorrow night. There’s been a lot said about who the New York Knicks could select with the No. 11 pick, but not nearly as much said about their second-round selection. New York has the No. 42 pick in the draft.

By the time the second round rolls around, Knicks fans will either be filled with excitement or disappointment. But based on the players that have been brought to New York since Leon Rose was named president in 2020, it’s almost normal to feel optimistic.

After all, Jericho Sims was selected at No. 58, and if Mitchell Robinson leaves in free agency, Sims will be invaluable. And speaking of Robinson, he was a second-round pick himself in 2018. Let’s hope that whoever the Knicks draft on Thursday will be able to enjoy a success similar to Robinson’s.

3 players that the Knicks could draft at No. 42 in the 2022 NBA Draft

3: Buddy Boeheim – Syracuse

Syracuse’s Buddy Boeheim worked out for New York last month and the 6’6” guard knocked down 71-of-80 3-pointers. He and his brother Jimmy both worked out for the Knicks together, but if one were to get drafted, it’d likely be Buddy.

It might seem like a reach to some for New York to select Boeheim at No. 42, so let’s look at his statistics. In his senior year at Syracuse, he averaged a career-high 19.2 points (which led the ACC), 3.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists while shooting 40.6% from the field and 34.1% from the 3-point line. The 22-year-old finished his four years shooting 36.2% from deep.

He’s a good shooter, but he lacks on the defensive end of the court, which could be a challenge that Tom Thibodeau is willing to undertake. His athleticism isn’t anything to write home about, either, which could also make him a risky pick in the second round.

But Boeheim wouldn’t be drafted with the expectation of helping the Knicks crawl their way back to the playoffs in 2023. His development would be key. If New York has plans to potentially trade Evan Fournier during the offseason, then selecting Boeheim wouldn’t be as crazy as it might sound.

According to New York Post’s Marc Berman, both he and his brother moved to Manhattan a couple of months ago to solely focus on basketball. So if Buddy were to be drafted by the Knicks, or signed after the draft, he wouldn’t have to go far at all.

Boeheim has an advantage that other prospects don’t have, and it’s that his father is Syracuse’s Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim.

Regardless of what happens in the draft, keep an eye on Buddy. He very well could end up being worth the risk for New York.

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