3 Knicks draft prospects that could be off the board at No. 11

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It’s nearly time for the seemingly never-ending mock drafts to be over, at least for the time being. The 2022 NBA Draft is a few days away and fans will finally know who the newest New York Knicks will be.

There’s been a lot of speculation about New York trading up in the draft to snag Jaden Ivey, but if that doesn’t happen and the Knicks decide to stay put at No. 11, it’s hard to tell which player that pick will result in. With the 2022 NBA Draft Combine taking place and prospects working out for different teams, a few of New York’s targets have crept into the top 10 in various mock drafts.

Of course, mock drafts aren’t a guarantee, but the commentary surrounding prospects leading up to the draft can still be telling.

If the Knicks keep the No. 11 pick, hopefully the organization will have the opportunity to get a player that they’ve had their eyes on. But here are a few players that have been linked to New York that could be off the board at No. 11.

3 players that could be drafted before the Knicks make their pick at No. 11

3: AJ Griffin

In the past few weeks, Duke’s AJ Griffin’s been mocked to New York the most. However, the Knicks may not have the opportunity to draft him at No. 11.

In The Ringer’s most recent mock draft, AJ Griffin was selected by the Washington Wizards at No. 10. And the No. 9 pick belongs to the San Antonio Spurs, who could also be the ones to take Griffin off the board.

The good news is that in ESPN’s updated mock draft (subscription required), Jonathan Givony had Griffin going to New York. He could end up falling to No. 11 due to being a raw prospect. Griffin missed time in high school due to injuries and suffered from minor injuries in college, so while selecting him might be a risky move for the Knicks, it could pay off big time.

Griffin’s health and development are going to be crucial, and while Tom Thibodeau has been criticized for his lack of attention to New York’s younger players, look at how Obi Toppin has turned out. Like Toppin, Griffin possesses the athleticism and skill to be an impact player at the next level.

If he’s still available at No. 11, drafting Griffin should be a no-brainer. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt to add another Blue Devil to the roster alongside RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish.

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