Latest social media rumor suggests Mitchell Robinson will leave Knicks in free agency

First and foremost, there’s zero credibility to the rumor going around on social media that Mitchell Robinson won’t sign an extension with the New York Knicks and will enter free agency. That isn’t to say that it’s not a possibility, because it very much is, but there hasn’t been official word of that happening.

What we do know is that he hasn’t signed an extension, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t sign one. However, if that doesn’t happen over the next month, Robinson will become an unrestricted free agent as soon as the clock strikes midnight on July 1.

The Knicks have his Full Bird Rights, which plays to their benefit, but there’s an increased belief that the center’s going to be on a new team in 2022-23.

And that wouldn’t be a surprise because New York doesn’t have much room to operate within the salary cap. The Knicks do have assets that could be used in a potential sign-and-trade deal involving Robinson, which is a good thing because the Knicks are at risk of losing the big man for nothing.

But as for the rumors that have been floating around, don’t believe them. Or don’t believe them yet.

Are the New York Knicks at risk of losing their starting center Mitchell Robinson?

Yes, New York’s at risk of losing Robinson, but that isn’t news. The last thing that was reported about the two sides working to reach an agreement on a possible extension came from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski at the end of February. He said:

“For the Knicks, Greeny, the looming free agency of their 23-year-old starting center, Mitchell Robinson—it’s a concern for New York. They’ve had talks throughout the season with his agent, Thad Foucher, about an extension. The Knicks can pay Robinson, under the collective bargaining agreement, four years and upward of $48 million before June 30. They’ve not reached an agreement on that, and it’s unclear that they will before free agency when Robinson will be unrestricted.”


It’s now May 25 and Robinson could sign with a new team in as soon as 37 days. And there will be several teams lining up to pitch their best offer to the 24-year-old.

The Knicks should have a plan in place if Robinson does leave. Luckily, Jericho Sims had impressive flashes during his rookie season, but New York will need to either sign, draft, or trade for another center.

And no, Nerlens Noel isn’t a reliable option. The front office made a mistake when they re-signed him to a three-year deal last May. But that’s another problem for another day.

The main issue at the forefront of the minds of most Knicks fans is Robinson. Will he stay? Or go?