3 under the radar free agent options Knicks can pursue

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With the New York Knicks in their offseason, free agency is getting closer and closer. It’s time to look at some under the radar free agent options that the Knicks can pursue.

Jalen Brunson is on almost every New York fans’ mind at the moment.  A week ago, I most likely would have had Tyus Jones on this list, but Jones is certainly on everyone’s radar with his free agency stock growing.  

One thing to note also is that no matter who the Knicks sign, trades will have to be made. New York has a ton of rotational players that are deserving of minutes, so there will definitely be some moves.

Kemba Walker is certainly gone, Alec Burks will probably get moved, Julius Randle could very well get traded, and Nerlens Noel could also be moved. I assume not all four of these guys will get traded, but if Randle is not traded, there’s a very good chance that the Knicks will trade Obi Toppin.

What lesser-known players should the New York Knicks focus on in free agency?

Another player who could be out the door is Mitchell Robinson, which I explicitly have said would be a detrimental mistake. New York should keep him, however, he may get overpaid, so in this piece, we will look at one big man in particular who the Knicks should be ready to make a move on.

Whoever New York signs, it will be a reaction to the trades that the front office makes this offseason.

There are many players that the Knicks could go after. And say one of those players is a star, such as Donovan Mitchell or Zion Williamson. If they acquire one of those two, multiple players will go in the deal, so New York would need to sign some bargain free agents.

Essentially, this article is a mix of free agents the Knicks could replace their traded players with or sign to supplement new players on the roster. So, with these two situations in mind, if there is roster turnover, here are some under the radar free agent options for New York.

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