2 different Knicks trade options for Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell, Knicks (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Donovan Mitchell, Knicks (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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New York Knicks, Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz. (Photo by Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Sports) – New York Knicks /

I know, I know…we’ve been here far too many times before. As New York Knicks fans, we’ve always hyped ourselves up over the idea of a superstar wanting to come to NYC to be in the bright lights as our savior.

Deliver us from being the laughing stock of the league year in and year out and turn the Knicks into a serious contender in the East. It keeps happening and we keep falling for it, but this time it feels different for some reason.

And frankly, I don’t even really expect New York to be able to get its hands on Donovan Mitchell this offseason, even with all the rumors that have been going around. For those who don’t know, Mitchell’s team has suggested that if the Jazz suffer yet another early-round playoff exit, Spida’s going to want out of Utah.

Mitchell’s a New York native, is a huge Mets fan, and his father works for the organization, so it’s easy to guess that NYC is the place he’d like to be.

Should the New York Knicks break the bank for Donovan Mitchell?

With that being said, no, I don’t believe that it’ll happen this offseason. I could be wrong, but Mitchell would be entering just the second year of his brand new five-year extension and has little to no leverage in forcing a trade.

He could just go the Ben Simmons route or at least threaten to do so and that could be reason enough for the Jazz to entertain trade offers. Utah has a lot less money to blow than Philadelphia does and Mitchell’s one of the main reason Jazz fans show up to watch games. They may not want to take that risk.

Today, I want to explore what the Knicks could potentially trade for Mitchell if he were to become available. After his 36-point shellacking of New York last Sunday night, it’s only customary for a delusional fan like myself to start to think about the ‘what ifs.’

Here are two different trades the Knicks could explore this offseason for Mitchell.