3 Mitchell Robinson replacements Knicks should avoid this offseason

Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, Bol Bol
Bol Bol, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic. (Photo by: Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports) – New York Knicks /

New York Knicks fans, whether you’re ready to admit it or not, it’s very possible that Mitchell Robinson will sign elsewhere during free agency. Why? Because New York isn’t able to offer him the money that he deserves.

If we lived in a perfect world, Robinson would sign an extension with the Knicks and everyone would live happily ever after. However, if we did live in that type of world, that’d mean that New York’s most recent championship wouldn’t be 1973. As fans know all too well, you can’t always get what you want.

With that being said, it’s time to start seriously exploring the upcoming center market. There won’t be a player who’s an exact talent swap for Robinson but there’s still a couple of promising players who are set to enter free agency. In fact, there’s a 22-year-old in Brooklyn who’d be a solid replacement.

There’s always good with the bad, though. If Robinson leaves, there’ll be centers who the Knicks will need to avoid at all costs. Sadly, given New York’s past, one of these players could very well end up on the roster.

If push comes to shove, here are three future unrestricted free agents who the Knicks need to do their best to stay away from.

3 potential Mitchell Robinson replacements the New York Knicks must avoid.

3: Bol Bol – Orlando Magic

Out of the three players mentioned, Orlando’s Bol Bol’s the youngest at the age of 22-years-old and won’t be turning 23 until November. While his age is lucrative, the second-round pick in the 2019 draft has played in a total of 53 games over the past three years.

At seven-foot-two, Bol’s a threat but he can’t stay healthy which is why the Nuggets traded him to the Magic last month. In January, the center underwent right foot surgery (subscription required) and because Orlando’s currently in last place in the East, there’s no need for him to return to the court before next season.

In the 14 games that he played in this year in Denver, he averaged 2.4 points and 1.4 rebounds in 5.8 minutes. Last season, he played in a career-high 32 games and averaged 2.2 points and 0.8 rebounds.

If Bol can stay injury-free, he has potential. Sadly, he hasn’t gotten the chance to prove himself yet. He’s far from a suitable Robinson replacement. If New York signed Bol during the offseason (pending Robinson’s departure), Jericho Sims would be the starting center for the Knicks and he isn’t ready to take on that role.

I’d like to think that New York’s front office is well-aware of Bol’s situation but I can’t help but think about the Knicks’ past questionable offseason signees. As mentioned, Bol’s age is a bonus but he’d be a liability and give New York more problems than solutions.