Reacting to Hoops Habit’s 5 Knicks free agent targets

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Washington Wizards, Bradley Beal
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Reacting to Bradley Beal as a Knicks free agent target

If you asked me last season if I wanted Bradley Beal on the team, I would’ve cautiously said yes. Most Knicks fans would have jumped at the idea of bringing Beal to New York but I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposite has become true.

Again, I admire Simone’s attempt to swing for the fences by suggesting the Knicks could add a star by signing Beal.

The only problem is that Beal hasn’t looked like a star this season. Yes, the guard has been plagued by injuries and he recently underwent season-ending surgery. However, I’m not sold on the idea of Beal eventually getting back to being a 30 points per game scorer given the amount of time that will be needed to heal.

Despite having some of the best help on the offensive side of the ball that he’s had in years, Beal struggled mightily when he was on the court this season.

Like in LaVine’s case, the Beal we’re used to seeing could be the type of player that puts a cap on New York’s potential. As a lower-tier All-Star caliber player, Beal wouldn’t bring the Knicks to unseen heights.

And then of course signing the guard would mean that the front office would have to dish out max money to gamble on his health. Gambling with max money on a somewhat unproven player? Where have I seen that before?

Beal is currently a star in name only. I disagree with the concept of Beal being a New York target. Even if he was 100%, I think the last thing that the Knicks need right now is a player who eats up salary and has little history of playing winning or unselfish basketball.