5 Bold Future Predictions for NY Knicks’ Rookies & Sophomores

Quentin Grimes, NY Knicks. (Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images)
Quentin Grimes, NY Knicks. (Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images) /
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Will Quentin Grimes win a 3-Point contest?

Remember when I said Obi Toppin was the most obvious of the bunch? I lied.

And it’s almost silly of me to say that because Obi is literally in the dunk contest today after finishing in 2nd last season.

So why is Quentin Grimes the most obvious, you ask?

Have you watched him in the past few weeks? The kid has been absolutely lights-out from deep and will win a 3-point shooting contest one day.

I think he’ll easily make it into 3 or 4 throughout his career and will win at least one, if not more.

I was personally very high on Grimes coming into the league and hoped that the Knicks had an interest as well.

It was noted a few days before the draft that there was intrigue in Grimes from the front office and I couldn’t have been happier to hear that.

Grimes is not only one of the best defenders on the team already but he has shown off a prowess to shoot the ball at a very high clip from long-range.

Since January 1st, Grimes is averaging 4.9 threes taken per game and 2 made which is good enough for 41.2%.

In just his last 4 games this season, he’s taken 30 shots from deep and has made 14 of them which if you’re counting…is good for a mind-blowing 47%.

I hope he finds a way into the starting lineup sooner than later because I just can’t get enough of Q.