NY Knicks: Where was Leon Rose during the trade deadline?

NY Knicks, Leon Rose (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Leon Rose (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

After the trade deadline came and went with the NY Knicks making zero moves, I think I’m wondering the same thing that everyone else is: Where is Leon Rose?

Knicks President of Basketball Operations Leon Rose did not make a trade yesterday after most of us Knicks fans expected, and he also never speaks to the media.

Now we know Leon is not actually missing, he is at many Knicks games, both home and away.  However, Leon Rose or General Manager Scott Perry never address the media.

Part of running a sports team is the team’s fans will always have questions, and some of them will be expected to be answered through an interview or press conference.  Leon Rose has decided to never address the fans.

NY Knicks: Why haven’t heard from Leon Rose?

Ok, I’m not saying the NY Knicks NEEDED to make a trade, plus it’s not like they were trying to move anything with actual real value, but we do need to sometimes hear from our front office.

I want to point out that I have zero problems with the moves Rose has been making. There’s a reason why multiple people who work here at DailyKnicks wanted Rose to win the 2021 NBA Executive of the Year. I just want to hear from Rose, that’s all.

If you try to find a Leon Rose interview, it’s next to impossible. There are stories about how Rose is completely silent to the outside world. He’s so quiet it makes him very unpredictable, like who expected the Cam Reddish trade to happen?

The last time Rose addressed the media was to talk about Mitchell Robinson’s broken foot back in September, and it was a huge deal that he broke his silence.

Leave it to Mitchell Robinson to get someone to talk. I mean, it’s reason number 145629 why Mitchell Robinson is the greatest person ever.

I love that Rose took to the media to address Mitchell’s situation, but also, we understand that 7-footers and leg injuries mix poorly, and sometimes big guys miss extended periods of time.

It makes me think he knew it was an easy-to-answer question, so that’s when he would talk to the media, unlike when he was first hired and did not hold a press conference.

Look, at the end of the day, Leon Rose has been a terrific President of Basketball Operations, so I’m really not bashing him, he’s very quickly turned this team around.

Whatever you’re doing, Leon, keep up the excellent work making the Knicks an actually competitive team for the first time since I was in middle school… but call me back, man!

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