The NY Knicks need to go ALL IN on Dejounte Murray

NY Knicks, Dejounte Murray (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Dejounte Murray (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The NY Knicks are legitimately the only team without a competent Point Guard, and I’m sick of it.

This article was never supposed to be about Dejounte Murray. I had an entirely different idea in mind that I had to scrap.

But after CJ McCollum was traded to New Orleans and Tyrese Haliburton was traded to Indiana today, there really isn’t much to look forward to during tomorrow’s deadline.

The Knicks are underperforming in comparison to last season and seem to be stuck on trying to make what they have on the roster today work.

Sure, RJ Barrett has been great for the last month and a half, but even with that being the case, it hasn’t resulted in wins.

Especially in games that the Knicks should be winning.

Should the NY Knicks trade for Dejounte Murray?

De’Aaron Fox was a hot name on the trade market for the Knicks and there were rumblings that a swap with including Julius Randle was a possibility.

Obviously, that’s been shut down entirely as the Kings chose to instead move on from their second-year phenom in Tyrese Haliburton instead.

So now, the Knicks have literally no true targets that are openly available left.

What now? I’ll tell you what…

They need to get aggressive and go all-in on Dejounte Murray, offer San Antonio a deal that they cannot refuse.

If Murray is on an upward trajectory, anything they trade for him today will look like peanuts if he turns into a true #1 Superstar.

If not, I’d happily settle for more of whatever caliber of player he is today.

(The 2022 first would convert into a Top 10 Protected 2023 1st from the Knicks and if not conveyed it would convert to two second-rounders.)

Is this a lot to give up for a player that’s never made an All-Star team? Yes.

But with the way the trade market and free agency are looking over the next few seasons, the Knicks aren’t going to have a ton of opportunities to get a whole lot better.

We all know that we want the Knicks to win and win soon.

This is why the front office has been loading up on picks the way it has over the past few years.

It’s to make a trade like this.

I know what a lot of you are going to say…

This is the type of deal you make when the player you’re getting in return is a top 25 player in the league.

But those guys are staying put more often than not.

Imagine if the Knicks traded for Devin Booker a few years back in exchange for Porzingis like the rumors suggested was possible…

Think about where the team would be today if that happened.

We can’t keep banking on the draft getting us a star because they’re hard to come by and there’s clearly no promise that elite players want to sign here as free agents either.

If the front office is deadset on building around Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, then this is the deal to make.

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