Knicks Rumors: NY linked to CJ McCollum as potential trade target

CJ McCollum, Knicks Rumors. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
CJ McCollum, Knicks Rumors. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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Knicks Rumors
Knicks Rumors, CJ McCollum. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Knicks Rumors: Is CJ McCollum worth it?

I’ll say this — I’m not sure I even agree with the assessment that McCollum is a “negative asset”. You’re still talking about a really great, playmaking combo guard who has years left of his prime.

There are plenty of worse players in the NBA who have mammoth cap hits.

This could kill 2 birds in one stone for NY — they get rid of 3 rotation players who have not just been struggling, but they’ve obstructed the playing time of some of the team’s younger players. They also actually land an impact combo guard who could fit in quite well.

McCollum is a flawed player, but would certainly be the most dynamic perimeter player on the team. He’s played alongside Damian Lillard for his whole NBA career, but when he’s played point guard in the past, he’s excelled.

For what it’s worth, CJ McCollum is also president of the player’s union, which is really a full-time job that has placed him as the voice of the players. He’s by all accounts, a terrific leader and someone with plenty of great relationships around the NBA.

If the trade I had proposed on the last slide were the deal on the table, I think I would go for it.

With all of the Knicks rumors that have circulated, this one seems pretty reasonable and a potential upgrade.

Still, that doesn’t mean this is without risk. If I’m the Knicks, it’s certainly not a  trade I would include any of their younger players in.

McCollum is more “fringe all-star” than he is a star.

This trade would give the Knicks a rotation of established vets in their prime (Randle, McCollum, Fournier) playing alongside the younger players (Barrett, Quickley, Reddish, Grimes, Robinson).

Would you take the risk and make a move for McCollum?

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