New York Knicks: Quentin Grimes continues to impress

Quentin Grimes, New York Knicks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Quentin Grimes, New York Knicks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

In the wake of what’s been a largely disappointing season thus far for the New York Knicks, one of the bright spots has been the recent play of rookie Quentin Grimes.

Finding valuable minutes and being able to stay in the rotation is no easy task on a team logjammed with veteran players and coached by Tom Thibodeau. Yet Grimes has found a way to make a positive impact on games whenever called upon and it might just be the beginning.

How Quentin Grimes boosts the New York Knicks

There hasn’t been any singular thing — a lot has gone wrong with this team so far this season.

The team’s starting unit has struggled, and while the veterans who are inked to long-term deals this summer may stay a part of the strict Thibodeau system, Quentin Grimes may just be the young player to play his way into becoming a consistent part of the roster.

Grimes has played an average of 23.5 minutes per game over his last 5.

For a team that established itself as a defensive force last season, their defense hasn’t been up to snuff. Teams have exposed the New York Knicks lack of quick perimeter defenders, but Grimes is proving that he may be just what they needed on defense.

Grimes is both strong and light on his feet — he has the ability to guard both wings and smaller guards. No one else on this team can really say that.

It’s that perimeter defense that may have found its way to Tom Thibodeau’s heart.

He plays with a focus and decisiveness that shows up on both offense and defense.

Hesitancy shooting the ball has been an issue for the Knicks — not for Grimes. He’s shooting over 43% on catch and shoot 3s this season. 

What has made Grimes’ such a unique player is his ability to fit with anyone in the lineup. Whether it’s the slower-paced starters or the run and gun bench unit, Quentin Grimes’ skillset is versatile to the point where he can really be placed in any different lineup set.

It’s pretty clear that Grimes can be a contributor this season, but the team may want to officially cement him into their every-night lineup and really see what he can do.

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