Reacting to a potential Blockbuster Anthony Davis trade to NY Knicks

NY Knicks, Anthony Davis (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Anthony Davis (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

I know a lot of you don’t like it when I bring these faux-trade scenarios to light, but this one was almost too ridiculous to pass up.

In this one, NBA Analysis Network has Anthony Davis headed to the NY Knicks in the blockbuster of all blockbuster deals.

I’ve been holding onto this article since it was published at the very end of December, thinking about whether or not to unleash the absurdity or not.

For those who actually read the articles and don’t just react to the headline and the trade scenario, I promise, I am on your side here.

I don’t publish these reaction pieces to ‘piss people off’ or to have you all upset with me.

I’m simply just giving my own take on an article that I came across as a reader myself.

With that said, I digress.

Would you consider this Anthony Davis to NY Knicks trade?

It’s not news to anyone that there’s another Knicks trade on the horizon as their wing depth just has too many pieces at the moment.

Quentin Grimes has earned a place in the rotation and after trading a first-rounder for Cam Reddish, we would have to imagine that the front office is going to do their best to free up a spot for him.

Who actually gets traded away is the real question here.

Now, just like the author of the article said, the Knicks are in a prime position to make a big, splashy trade between this year’s deadline and the upcoming summer.

They are starting to enter the realm of almost having too many young players and picks for them NOT to make a trade.

So here’s this silly Anthony Davis idea:

Just want to begin by reiterating that this mock trade was concocted on December 31st, a while before the Knicks traded away Kevin Knox.

Replacing the roughly $5 million he was making would be pretty easy if both sides were actually interested in the deal.

Firstly, the author noted that this kind of trade would be difficult to pull off during the regular season due to so many moving parts.

But then, a lot of the guys coming to the Knicks are on those 1-year, ring chasing deals that expire at the end of the season anyway, so it’s nearly impossible.

Plus, those players such as Howard, Ellington, Bazemore, and so on are not gonna want to be in New York because they only signed in Los Angeles so they could play next to ‘The King’.

But let’s just play pretend and entertain this as if it were a possible trade.

I understand that both the Lakers and Knicks have been struggling this season, and both likely have to make some substantial moves if they plan on correcting their seasons.

But this trade so heavily sides in the Knicks’ favor, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Even with all of his recent injury issues, Anthony Davis is still a top 10-15 player in the league on any given night.

But, the problem is, all this trade accomplishes is putting him right back into the situation he was in with the Pels.

Big fish in a small pond, in a sense.

His presence could attract other stars to want to come to New York a helluva lot more than New Orleans, but haven’t Knicks fans been saying that forever?

It hasn’t worked yet.

And while I agree that it would take a star of the magnitude that of LeBron James to convince Julius Randle to take a backseat and become the 2nd or even 3rd option that he should be.

But both of them are far too ball-dominant to ever work out together. We’re seeing this issue play itself out right now with Russell Westbrook.

All in all, would I love for the Knicks to entertain this deal? Of course.

Would it ever happen in a million years? Of course not.

Therefore, this doesn’t really need much else explanation nor does it deserve it.

This is the type of trade the Lakers would make if they were rebuilding…what the heck are they gonna do with all of those picks?

End of discussion.

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