The next 4 potential NY Knicks trade targets this season

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NY Knicks, De'Aaron Fox, Myles Turner, Jalen Brunson, Dejounte Murray

NY Knicks, De’Aaron Fox, Myles Turner, Jalen Brunson, Dejounte Murray (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The NY Knicks recently made a trade for Cam Reddish and it set the internet ablaze.

And for good reason, it was a great trade for the Knicks…they acquired a high upside wing who’s got the size and length to be a star in this league for mere peanuts.

It’s now just up to the Knicks to not only get him more involved than the Hawks were able to but also make sure he spends enough time with the developmental staff to help him reach his full potential.

While I could see the front office moving on from RJ Barrett if the price was right, this trade couldn’t be any more of a testament to their faith in RJ moving forward as Reddish is both a former teammate of his from college and a good friend.

Which of these players should the NY Knicks trade for?

Seems that they’re prioritizing RJ’s long-term happiness with the franchise.

While of course, it’s exciting for your favorite team to make trades and bring in new pieces, we also have to take into consideration that the roster was already chock full of players that inhabit the 2 through 4.

The positions that Cam Reddish plays.

So now, there’s a bit of a logjam at those spots, which only means one thing…the front office is not yet done dealing this season.

I recently wrote a piece detailing the 3-4 players I believed were most likely to be on the move due to the Reddish trade.

But now, I’d like to take a bit of a deeper dive into who I believe the Knicks could potentially be targeting. I’ll also rank them from most likely down to least likely.

Here are the 4 players that the Knicks could potentially be targeting in a trade this season.

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