3 players the NY Knicks should entertain trades for post-Cam Reddish deal

NY Knicks, Kemba Walker, Cam Reddish (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Kemba Walker, Cam Reddish (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
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Alec Burks, Cam Reddish, NY Knicks
Alec Burks, Cam Reddish, NY Knicks (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Should the NY Knicks trade Alec Burks?

Had to start this one off with a bang!

Alec Burks has been a tremendous piece for the Knicks so far this season, Mr. 4th Quarter himself.

He’s fixed a lot of his inconsistencies this season as he’s become more impactful on a nightly basis.

Last year, he seemed to just disappear for a stretch of games and come back with a 25 point performance out of the blue.

I guess it’s because ever since the benching of Kemba Walker, Burks has acted as our temporary ball-handler, therefore the ball is in his hands more often which ultimately means he’s more involved with the offense by default.

That said, he’s not a real Point Guard…which is one of the positions of need for the Knicks.

He falls into the ‘bigger Shooting Guard who can kinda guard Small Forwards” category and the team has plenty of those at the moment.

The reason why Evan Fournier isn’t up here instead is that Burks has a much more movable contract and really any team competing for a playoff spot could use a guy like Burks.

Fournier’s $18 million this season should only be considered in a trade if the Knicks were trying to match the salary of a max-level player.

Burks’ roughly $10 million contract can be paired with a guy on a rookie deal to bring in a nice player or could be paired with someone like Nerlens Noel to bring in a contract similar to that of Myles Turner’s *wink wink*.

Currently, the Knicks have 6 guys that play on the wing with only 4 spots to fill in Thib’s rotation.

As I mentioned, it would be hard to get rid of Fournier, it would be silly to get rid of any one of RJ, Grimes, or IQ due to their age, and the Knicks just traded for Cam Reddish.

Burks might be the odd man out.