4 Evan Fournier trades the NY Knicks could make right now

NY Knicks, Evan Fournier Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
NY Knicks, Evan Fournier Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports /
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NY Knicks, Evan Fournier
NY Knicks, Evan Fournier. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports /

Would Eric Bledsoe be a good fit on the NY Knicks?

This one has Evan Fournier and Kemba continuing their road trip, heading to their third different team in as many years.

I don’t love this trade for the Knicks, but unfortunately, Fournier’s contract is becoming one of the worst in the league by the day.

I looked at potential Eric Bledsoe trades for the Knicks last season.  (A couple have aged well, one hasn’t).

Bledsoe’s been important for Los Angeles this season, as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are out indefinitely.

He’s averaging 10.4 points and 4.1 assists on 43 / 33 / 79 shooting in 26.6 minutes per game.

Nothing to write home about, but he’s been a reliable presence on a team that’s desperately needed it.

Switching out Bledsoe for Fournier would give the Clippers more scoring, as Fournier would have the opportunity to play on the ball while George and Leonard are out.

They’d also use Serge Ibaka’s expiring for Kemba Walker, as they’ve been in the market for a scoring point guard.

Ibaka hasn’t played as much this year, as Ivica Zubac and Isaiah Hartenstein have played most of the minutes at the five.

For New York, they gain a better defender in Bledsoe at the Point, who fits better with Julius Randle than Walker.

Bledsoe’s contract is a year shorter than Fournier’s, so they could have him as an expiring next year to use as a trade chip.

They could shop Ibaka or use him as the stretch big that the Knicks have so desperately needed.

The Knicks would get a lot of money off the books and open up some minutes for their young players.

New York could also hold out for Marcus Morris or Luke Kennard instead of Bledsoe or Ibaka.

Los Angeles has multiple ways to make a deal work, so keep an eye on them.