4 Evan Fournier trades the NY Knicks could make right now

NY Knicks, Evan Fournier Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
NY Knicks, Evan Fournier Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports /
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NY Knicks, Evan Fournier
NY Knicks, Evan Fournier Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Would you consider this Evan Fournier trade for the NY Knicks?

This is my favorite, I think most likely move.

We’ve written about the Knicks’ interest in Eric Gordon, who would be a fantastic replacement for Fournier.

He’s been lights out from three this season and is a great defender.

Gordon shoots at just under 50% on catch-and-shoot threes. Evan Fournier has shot only 36.9% on such shots.

Fournier was brought in to replace Reggie Bullock, whose catch and shoot game was essential to the Knicks last season. Fournier has struggled to adapt to playing more off the ball.

Gordon would have no problem.

This trade has the Mavs swapping out the young Josh Green and Bullock himself for Fournier.

Bullock’s also struggled in his new home in Dallas, averaging only 6.9 points per game with 30% three-point shooting.

While Dallas may be hesitant to repeat the Knicks “upgrade” from Bullock to Fournier, they would gain a secondary ball-handler behind Luka Doncic, which they’ve been looking for.

Former Knick Tim Hardaway Jr. has also struggled this season in Dallas, so the Mavs may look to shake things up.

They would also retain flexibility, as they could package Fournier’s salary with a Dwight Powell, Hardaway Jr., or even Porzingis with picks to trade for a star.

Houston could have a high asking price for Gordon, being that sellers are hard to come by this deadline.

His leadership in the locker room is valued, and they’re in no rush to trade him.

They receive a decent package here. Green’s shown promise but fits better on Houston’s timeline.

The Rockets could flip Bullock or have him be a spacer with their young lineup.

They’ll ask for a first, and the Knicks would think about giving it to them, as Dallas may want to deal with Houston directly.