New York Knicks News: Team acquires Denzel Valentine, what happens next?

Denzel Valentine, New York Knicks. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Denzel Valentine, New York Knicks. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The New York Knicks were in the trade mix earlier today and are reportedly one of the teams involved in the trade that sends Rajon Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Knicks involvement in the trade is as follows:

The Knicks are essentially receiving Valentine as well as 1.1 million in cash considerations. Sometimes, in trades like these, some sort of future 2nd round pick can be involved and announced later on, although nothing about a draft pick has been reported yet.

The real question is, what does this mean for the Knicks’ roster construction?

New York Knicks: Denzel Valentine trade ripple effects

Valentine hasn’t had the greatest reputation in his NBA career and has struggled to find consistency wherever he’s been.

Even with the Knicks struggling to field a full roster due to COVID protocols, they have made other small signings in recent weeks that may have more long-term implications. This Denzel Valentine trade could help facilitate some of those transactions.

Some of the New York Knicks’ recent 10-day and hardship contracts include Danuel House, Damyean Dotson, and most recently, Ryan Aridiacono, who has yet to suit up.

The one name that keeps popping up is Wayne Selden, whose contract is non-guaranteed. Selden has yet to really find a spot-start even if the injuries and players are out due to COVID, so there seems to be a strong indication that the Knicks could waive him. His contract becomes guaranteed on January 10th and the team would have to waive him by the 7th.

The Knicks will have to waive a player to bring on Valentine and it seems like Selden could be that player.

This seems to be positioning to sign one of their 10-day players to a fully guaranteed contract for the rest of the season.

Valentine will likely be waived and they’ll have to do it before January 10th just like Selden.

It could be Danuel House who gets guaranteed but his injury makes it murky.

That leaves the recently signed Arcidiacono as the most likely to stick with the team for the rest of the year.

The ex-Villanova star Arcidiacono last played for the Chicago Bulls last season but his defense and experience could get him a spot deep in the bench rotation with increased opportunity while some players remain in COVID protocols.

The Denzel Valentine trade likely helped facilitate Arcidiacono to get a full contract, and the Knicks netted 1.1 million in cash considerations in the process.

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