Comparing New York Knicks players to Thanksgiving dishes

As we all take time to pause and reflect on the things in our lives that we should be thankful for, it is important that we pause and reflect on the positives the New York Knicks have brought us as well.

Despite the struggles, we’re still rooting for a Knicks basketball team that is above .500 and has a top-15 Net Rating.

Still, it’s never too early to evaluate what the Knicks have on the roster, and what better way to do that than by comparing Knicks players to dishes from a Thanksgiving spread.

New York Knicks: Comparing players to Thanksgiving dishes

We’ve said our prayers, gone around the table to say what we are thankful for this year, and snapped the wishbone. Time to dig in.

Julius Randle: Turkey

Sometimes it’s smoked, and it’s insanely good. Sometimes your nana baked it too long, and it turns to ash in your mouth. Either way, it’s why we’re all here. It’s the star of the table.

Obi Toppin: Duck

It’s not for everybody. It doesn’t appear at enough tables. Can be insanely good when it’s in its sweet spot. Still, duck is more limited than diehard fans would have you believe. Those people swear it should star over turkey.

Derrick Rose: Rolls

It doesn’t matter if they’re yeast or sourdough or brown and serve. No Thanksgiving plate is complete without them.

Taj Gibson: Any potato dish

Some families do mashed potatoes. Some families do a hashbrown casserole. However your family serves its taters, their starchy goodness never gets old.

RJ Barrett: Green Bean Casserole

This dish has the most hardcore fanbase in the whole Thanksgiving spread. I have a friend who loves it so much he eats it approximately once a month throughout the whole year. For me, I’ve always found it ok. I like all the ingredients (I love green beans and those crispy onions), but I’ve just never loved Green Bean Casserole.

Alec Burks: A glass of water

No one chants for it. We’re not buying a jersey for it, but we all clearly need it.

Immanuel Quickley: Wine

It’s like water, but it gets us all incredibly jacked up.

Kemba Walker: Gravy

Sometimes the plate desperately needs gravy. Other times, all the other dishes speak for themselves. It should always be at the table, and each person should use it as they see fit depending on how everything else turns out.

Evan Fournier: Baked Brie Appetizer

It’s French and you have it at the beginning of the meal but not the end.

Mitchell Robinson: Antacid

You never plan the meal around the Pepcid or Tums you’ll need, but it serves as the backline of defense after you’ve stuffed yourself.

Nerlens Noel: A paper napkin

Napkins are great at wiping things up, but can only hold a limited quantity. Like you can put one cookie on it, but don’t try to catch the whole meal in that thing.

Kevin Knox: Ambrosia Salad

We’ve all heard of it, but no one is sure what its role is. It’s there, but it just sits uncovered and untouched. David Fizdale had Ambrosia Salad once and it was amazing, so we still have it around.

Quentin Grimes and Deuce McBride: Dessert

A lot of us are just waiting until it’s their turn.