NY Knicks: Would Myles Turner turn NY into a legit title contender?

The simplest answer to the question in the headline is “No, Myles Turner would not turn the NY Knicks into a legit contender.”

But I do think that could be a step in the right direction.

Why do I bring this up, you might ask…

Ben Stinar of Sports Illustrated recently touched on this idea in a recent article, detailing exactly how Turner could be a great piece for the Knicks as well as how much of an upgrade he could be for the 5 spot.

We’re no strangers to the idea of the Knicks trading for Turner here at DK, as a lot of think that if Mitch’s contract negotiations were to go south in the coming months, Turner could be a nice fit in the Big Apple.

There aren’t a lot of guys in the league who’re better than Mitch when it comes to rim protection, but Myles Turner is certainly one of them.

Would Myles Turner turn the NY Knicks into legit contenders?

Plus, Turner could be a massive upgrade offensively and provides a far higher upside on that side of the ball.

Turner had himself a night about a week and a half ago, putting up a stat line of 40 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks with five 3-pointers made.

If we’re being fair, as much as we all love Mitch, he could never sniff stats like that in a single game.

In fact, it may take him 2 or possibly 3 games to put up 40 points.

Mitch did everything right this offseason in preparation for this year, both for himself to help him secure the bag as well as what the Knicks needed of him.

He skyrocketed to 280lbs after coming into the league as a rookie just a few short seasons ago at a measly 223lbs.

But the problem is that he’s had two bad injury scares just 6 games into the new season.

It doesn’t matter how much better he’s gotten if he can’t stay upright for a considerable amount of time.

Now I’m not saying Myles Turner is the answer to all of the Knicks’ problems, nor am I saying that they get rid of Mitch tomorrow to the highest bidder.

But again, if the negotiations were to go south at some point and Mitch is asking for much more than the front office is willing to pay for him, I’d much rather the team deal him at the deadline instead of losing him for nothing in free agency.

Also, I don’t think Myles Turner is the only piece that would make the Knicks a legit contender in the league or even in the East, but I do think he would be one of two steps the team could make to solidify them as THE team to beat.

For now, it’s all speculation, but I’m excited to see how the season unfolds.