NY Knicks: Kemba Walker says Immanuel Quickley can be “very special”

NY Knicks point guard Kemba Walker has high expectations for himself and his Knicks teammates.

Walker appeared The Lowe Post this morning, Zach Lowe’s podcast, where he talked about everything from his early career in Charlotte, his situation in Oklahoma City, and of course, being back in New York as a part of the NY Knicks.

NY Knicks: Kemba Walker discusses his teammates

Walker was asked plenty of questions about life in New York and how his career has come full circle, but he was also asked more specific questions about his teammates and the Knicks coaching staff.

Walker was asked about some of the players who had surprised him the most. The players who he has gotten to see in practice, in person, and have really stood out to him.

The first name he brought up was Immanuel Quickley.

Walker said:

“I’m a huge fan of Quickley. I think he can be really special. I think I can help him get his game to another level. He’s such a great kid, he asks a lot of questions and wants to be good. I love that about him. He’s literally always in the gym, he’s such a gym rat. I see so much of myself in him. He’s one of the guys I’m gravitating towards. “

Kemba Walker has thrived as a smaller guard in the NBA and he is certainly someone who would be a great mentor for Immanuel Quickley.

Quickley thrived in this past Summer League. He’s eager to prove that he has the point guard skills to be a lead guard in the NBA. Walker can show him the tricks of the trade.

Quickley’s work ethic has been noted by multiple teammates and coaches. Hard work and consistent practice have been preached by this coaching staff.

Walker also commented on Obi Toppin’s work ethic and passion for the game.

The Knicks are hoping that both Quickley and Toppin and take leaps forward in their games. They may still be role players, but they can still be big contributors for the team this season.