Kemba Walker, Derrick Rose, and the New York Knicks love triangle

The New York Knicks’ new point guard duo of Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose may be the biggest selling point for the team’s hype heading into the 2021-22 NBA season.

During the NBA’s Media Day on Monday, both players responded to questions about the other with great respect and enthusiasm. They clearly are looking forward to growing a bond as they unite for the orange and blue.

The excitement evident in Walker and Rose’s comments is only matched by the fanbase, who are just as joyous if not more so about the pair sharing the Garden floor in just a couple of weeks.

This has culminated in what I’m calling the “New York Knicks Love Triangle.” Knicks fans love both guards, and the two players speak very highly of each other and the city they now call home, so it all connects so beautifully.

This, I might add, is already the most successful “Triangle” in the history of the franchise.* It’s worth noting the last one also involved Rose, and it was far from pretty.

*If you like jabs at Phil Jackson, go check out my last article about Frank Ntilikina’s Knicks tenure and departure

Anyway, onto the compliments!

New York Knicks Media Day: Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose

Walker cited his new teammate as “one of the biggest reasons” for his decision to come home to New York.

“I wanted to be around him… get a chance to pick his brain,” Walker said. “I definitely want to build a special repour with him and try to help him lead. So hopefully I can take a little bit of pressure off of him.”

Rose responded to those comments by calling Walker “a dynamic guard” and “a dog.”

“Having him on the team, like, who wouldn’t want Kemba Walker on their team?”

It is near impossible to disagree with that statement, considering that Walker won the NBA’s Sportsmanship Award in 2017 and 2018. He even finished in second for the award this past season. Any team would be lucky to have Walker not just on the court, but in the locker room too.

Rose later doubled down on his opinion of Walker by stating the latter will be in the starting backcourt.

“I’m not worried about minutes,” said Rose. “I feel like we’ve got a deep team. We’ve got guys that are unselfish.”

He definitely isn’t a selfish player, but Rose could give Walker a run for his money to become the starter if he wanted to. D-Rose is definitely a top 30 player at the position and would start on plenty of teams.

Rose’s stress-free approach about his minutes shows his confidence in Walker and the team as a whole. He will certainly continue to work magic with the second unit in his first full season with New York since 2017.

For a team that has struggled to figure out its point guard issue for two decades, it is awesome to see TWO great players and teammates man the position. It is even more refreshing to see them show such grace toward each other.

I mean just look at them together:

Seems like they are already getting along just fine. With veteran leadership and the offensive talent both of them possess, the Knicks and their fans are in store for another special season.