New York Knicks Media Day: Kemba Walker is feeling the New York love

The New York Knicks held their media day for the 2021-22 season this morning and fans got to see and hear from the players in their Knicks jerseys for the first time in months.

There was some extra buzz around media day this year. With New York coming off of a fantastic season, the vibes around the team were all about winning, continued focus, and being a part of something special at Madison Square Garden. New Knick Kemba Walker seemed ready to go.

Kemba Walker discusses being a part of the New York Knicks

It hasn’t taken very long for the hype to build around Kemba Walker. RJ Barrett seemed giddy as he left his press conference and saw Walker coming down the hall to take the stand next.

We got to see Kemba Walker speak on his homecoming weeks ago when he had his introductory press conference alongside Evan Fournier. Seeing Walker have the New York Knicks jersey on this time made it all the more real.

Walker spoke about the feeling of living and playing in New York:

“It’s been great. I’m home. I’m from here, born and raised. It feels like it, I’m getting a lot of love from fans everywhere I go. Everyone around here is really cool and dope. Just getting to know these guys over the last few weeks has been really fun. I’m looking forward to continuing building my relationships. “

Kemba Walker will be coming in to play a big role with the team this season. Fans and analysts alike expected the team to come out with a lineup that featured Kemba Walker as the starter with Derrick Rose coming off of the bench.

Rose confirmed that this morning and commented, “He’s (Walker) starting. I’m not worried about minutes or playing time or anything like that.

It has the potential to be an electric duo. Having Walker start and Derrick Rose coming in as the backup keeps the foot on the gas pedal.

Walker also commented on how Derrick Rose was “One of the biggest reasons I came here. I wanted to see how he prepares himself every day. I wanted a chance to pick his brain and build a special rapport with him.”

It’s all love in the Garden right now. Knicks training camp gets underway tomorrow.