NY Knicks: Which NYK Legend would bring today’s team an NBA Title?

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NY Knicks

NY Knicks (Photo by KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP via Getty Images)

I can’t remember the last time I wrote an entirely fictional, fun article about the NY Knicks.

Generally, I try to write about the things happening now, and as of late there’s been plenty of news to cover.

But here, we’re just going to take a fun little trip down memory lane.

I’ve mentioned in articles past that I liked to play GM while playing NBA 2K as a teen because it allowed me the freedom to construct a roster in my image as if I was the head honcho.

Another fun little activity I used to mess around with was taking legendary stars from the historic teams and adding them to today’s rosters and seeing how well they’d fare in today’s modern game.

Which NY Knicks Legend would help the team win a title?

Sometimes all it would take was adding one superstar to a decent team to make them more than relevant come playoff time.

Seeing how the Knicks are finally a competent team, perhaps adding one of the big names from the team’s history could propel them even closer to their title aspirations.

But in this article, I’m going to make a little rule to follow.

If I bring in a point guard, for example, the Knicks also lose their current starting point guard.

So I can’t just add Allan Houston to today’s roster without losing a substantial piece.

For this example, the Knicks would lose Evan Fournier and everything he brings that perhaps Allan Houston doesn’t.

But of course, they’d gain everything that Houston brings to the table that Fournier doesn’t.

Then from there, I’ll determine whether the Knicks could actually win a title with the subtraction and addition.

Let’s have some fun.

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