New York Knicks 2017 Re-Draft: NYC lands a cornerstone Big Man

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New York Knicks

RJ Barrett, Donovan Mitchell, New York Knicks. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Are you frustrated with some of the New York Knicks‘ recent draft selections? Do you wish the franchise had a reset button that you could hit to do things over again? Do you enjoy suspending belief and using your imagination? Then you’ll love a good, old-fashioned, NBA Re-Draft article!

Thankfully, you’ve come to the place! Here I present a redraft piece for the 2017 NBA Draft. As is always the case, the crescendo ends with the focus on the Knicks.

For the sake of communication, this redraft is written through the lens of what we know about each player today. It is also written to stay as close to the original paths that each team has taken. The only major difference is their draft selection.

With the benefit of several seasons of hindsight available, here’s a look at how the top nine picks shake out:

New York Knicks 2017 Re-Draft: Pick #1

Donovan Mitchell

Let’s start with a surprise at pick #1. Many might assume that this spot would go to two-time All-Star and current Celtics centerpiece Jason Tatum. While the former Duke product has been an elite scorer during his time in the NBA, another two-time All-Star narrowly edges him out for to billing: Donovan Mitchell.

Despite bosting a slender 6’1”, 215lb frame, the then 13th overall selection has been amazing during his four seasons in the NBA ranks. His career per-game averages of 23.4 points and 4.3 assists both trump Tatum’s marks of 19.4 and 2.7.

Even more impressively, Mitchell has become the star force that has led to a less talented Utah Jazz roster to great success in a tough Western Conference. While Tatum has also enjoyed his share of postseason and team success, Mitchell has propelled his franchise into a different stratosphere.

Imagine a guard-center combo of Joel Embid and Mitchell dominating on the court together! The pairing would have the opportunity to carve out a lane for themselves amongst the best duos in recent memory.

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