NY Knicks: 5-Non Damian Lillard trade targets NY should consider this season

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NY Knicks, Myles Turner, Jerami Grant, De’Aaron Fox, Bradley Beal, Christian Wood

NY Knicks, Myles Turner, Jerami Grant, De’Aaron Fox, Bradley Beal, Christian Wood (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

This upcoming December makes a full year that I’ve been with Daily Knicks, and I mention this just because I’m proud of how much I’ve evolved as a writer since then.

I haven’t gotten a whole lot better as a wordsmith per se, but I’ve been trying pretty hard since this past March to cover a wider variety of topics.

This is because ever since I started with the site almost a year ago, the bulk of my articles were all about hypothetical trades.

Over and over, all I would do is write about trades…some dumb, some that weren’t, and some that should have happened.

For example, I wrote about the Knicks trading for Evan Fournier a bunch of times.

Would you want the NY Knicks to trade for any of these Stars?

In hindsight, I’m definitely glad that the front office didn’t have to waste any assets to bring him in at the trade deadline and instead opted to wait until this summer to scoop him up.

But I digress.

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is that, yet again, I’m resorting back to my roots and we’re talking big-time trades today.

A lot of fans out there don’t like the idea of the Knicks trading for anyone, let alone a Superstar that would cost them the entire farm.

But the fact remains that today’s NBA is star-driven and if anyone thinks the Knicks can actually compete with the likes of Milwaukee or Brooklyn the way they’re currently constructed as long as they continue to “build the right way” like through the draft and by making smaller free agency moves, you’re sadly mistaken.

The Knicks clearly aren’t looking to do that and are in fact primed to make a big, splashy trade in the not-too-distant future.

What people fail to realize is that there’s a way to do both…you can build through the draft AND make the big trades necessary to bring superstars onto the team in order to actually compete for a title.

The name Damian Lillard has been ground into dust for the past few months, so here we’ll be discussing 5 other names…some will be stars while others are great role players…that the Knicks should strongly consider dealing for at some point between now and next season’s trading deadline.

P.S. Wanna give a huge shoutout to David Vertsberger of SNY for the inspiration for this article.

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