The New York Knicks 3 biggest rivals next season

New York Knicks, Best Bets (Photo by Wendell Cruz-Pool/Getty Images)
New York Knicks, Best Bets (Photo by Wendell Cruz-Pool/Getty Images) /
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New York Knicks Rivals 2021-22: Brooklyn Nets

If there’s one team that seems like they’ll always be rivals because of georaphic location, it’s the Brooklyn Nets.

With the Nets landing 3 high-profile stars in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, they’ve received a ton of national hype ouside of New York. If this team is fully healthy come playoff time, they’re the favorites to win it all.

The Nets and Knicks had some close games last season. Some controversial moments such as Julius Randle’s traveling call in the dying seconds — there is no love between these two teams. They may have gotten close, but the Knicks couldn’t beat the Nets last season.

If Brooklyn can keep their big-3 healthy for most of the season, they’re going to be even tougher to beat.

Even with the Nets as clear favorites, now that the Knicks are an established winning team, this rivalry is going to gain even more steam.

I detailed this earlier in the week when I wrote about the Knicks biggest games on the schedule — it’s pretty clear at this point what these two fanbase think of each other.

Nets fans get the enjoyment of having superstars and trolling the Knicks’ lack of winning. while Knicks fans just want the Net sto leave their city and stop with all the corny “Brooklyn” marketing.

While the Nets have plenty of OG die-hard fans (shouts out to ya’ll) it’s really the weirdo, NYC-transplant-with-guage-earings-that-covers-Biggie-on-their acoustic-guitar-Nets-fan that drives New Yorkers crazy.

That animosty has been soild fuel for the rivarly, but now, with both of these teams playing wining basketball and playing high-stakes games, this rivarly is just going to get more intense.