NY Knicks: A Way Too Early Prediction of the SG Depth chart

NY Knicks (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images)
NY Knicks (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Will Immanuel Quickley be the NY Knicks’ backup SG this season?

I really do hope to see a ton more Immanuel Quickley this season in comparison to last year.

Quickley ended the season averaging about 19 minutes played per game while putting up 40/39/89 scoring splits.

He also averaged about 11 points and 2 assists per contest.

Due to the Covid pandemic, ‘Quick’ and the rest of the 2020 NBA Draft class weren’t able to get a proper Summer League, so he definitely made up for lost time over the past few weeks.

They say Summer League doesn’t mean much, but that’s more to do with the stats players put up.

This year’s Summer League mattered for IQ because he was tasked with being a leader for the young guns on offense as well as the primary ballhandler.

I wrote an article a little while back in regards to my belief that Quick can be groomed into being a real deal starting-caliber point guard one day.

I hate the narrative that guys like him receive when they first come to the league.

When you’re a tweener, combo-guard who’s primarily score-first, you’re automatically boxed into the Lou Williams comparison.

I get it, Quick looks up to Lou Will, but that’s not the kid’s ceiling.

I think he’s already proving to be a superior playmaker and facilitator and with enough time, I could see him taking the starting PG spot one day.

That said, when your team has two veteran, former All-Star, former Superstar point guards with bad knees, I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of opportunities this season for IQ to flex his point guard muscles.

So between him and Deuce McBride, they’ll hopefully both get some burn at the 1 and of course the 2-spot.