NY Knicks: A Way Too Early Prediction of the SG Depth chart

NY Knicks (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images)
NY Knicks (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks
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Unlike the Point Guard position, the NY Knicks have had their fair share of high-level and borderline elite-level talents at the Shooting Guard spot over the years.

I personally grew up on guys like Allan Houston, J.R. Smith, and Jamal Crawford, but of course, we can’t forget the likes of John Starks, Dick Barnett, and Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe.

The team has also had some fun guys to watch over the years such as Landry Fields who initially showed plenty of promise and 3-and-D studs like Arron Afflalo and Courtney Lee.

Today, the position has changed almost entirely where before, there was a significant difference between what you expected a Shooting Guard to do vs what a team needed out of a Small Forward.

What do you think the NY Knicks’ SG Depth chart will look like?

Nowadays, both positions are pretty much considered ‘the wing’.

For example, both RJ Barrett and Reggie Bullock would be considered your prototypical “shooting guards”.

Both played a similar role on both offense and defense and both were of a similar build and frame.

But depending on the matchup, you’d see either one of them playing the 2-guard while the other one was penciled in at the 3.

So for this article, I guess we’ll be discussing who I believe will be inserted at the shooting guard more often than not, as well as who’ll be tasked with defending the opposing team’s “shooting guard”.

Here is a way too early prediction of the Knicks’ Shooting Guard depth chart.