NY Knicks: A Way-Too-Early prediction of NY’s Point Guard depth chart

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Should Derrick Rose be the NY Knicks’ backup Point Guard?

If the starter is Kemba Walker, I think the pretty obvious choice for the leader of the 2nd unit would be Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose may very well be the better player between the two, depending on who you ask but the way he commanded the Knicks’ bench last year was magical.

Rose was traded to the Knicks seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of January and immediately took on a leadership role within the organization.

Basically from Day 1, he took rookies Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley under his wing and began showing them the ropes and what it took to be a professional in this league.

His efforts paid dividends immediately after.

The Knicks’ 2nd unit was embarrassing other team’s bench units on a nightly basis and that had almost everything to do with Derrick Rose’s presence.

Even if Rose was unquestionably the superior player between him and Kemba, unless the discrepancy was massive, it would be a shame to break up the chemistry build between Derrick and the rest of the Knicks’ bench.

I think coming into this offseason, the goal the front office had in mind was to find a point guard who was on the same talent level as or better than Derrick Rose to start for the team, because the 2nd unit can only build on what they were able to accomplish last year.

Bringing back Alec Burks as another secondary ballhandler and scorer was huge, but if we want to see guys like Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin take a huge leap, keeping the continuity they had last season was imperative.