NY Knicks: Reacting to 3 awful trade ideas that send John Wall to NY

NY Knicks, John Wall (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, John Wall (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks, John Wall
NY Knicks, John Wall (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Would you have considered this John Wall to NY Knicks deal?

Ok, yes, the 2021 NBA Draft has come and gone, and the Knicks did trade pick 21, but in no way would this trade have made sense.

What this trade insinuates is that John Wall has a little more value than Kevin Knox.

Knox has shown limited reason to be excited about him as a prospect, but he is owed 5 million, not 43 million.

When you factor the contracts in, John Wall has negative value. Nobody wants to touch his contract, so why in the world would the Knicks trade back in the draft to eat 43 million per year?

My favorite part about this trade is the opening line after it is, “This might seem underwhelming for the Rockets, but it needs to be remembered the Knicks are taking on Wall’s 91.6 million over the next two years.”

It must be very underwhelming to move up in the draft, get a 21 year old in the process, and cut almost 92 million dollars owed over the next two years.

It is also widely known that Tillman Fertitta is a very cheap man.

The Rockets owner would probably do a lot to get Wall off the books, so no shot a team settles with moving down for Wall’s abysmal contract that the Washington Wizards decided to give him in 2018.

Do Rockets fans expect their GM Rafael Stone to pick the phone up, call Leon Rose, and say, “would you guys have any interest in moving back for a guy who has played in 37% of possible games in the last 4 years while making 43 million per year?”

Stone would not bother wasting anyone’s time doing that, or at least I hope not.