NY Knicks: 5 ways the Knicks are mirroring the Miami Heat

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The NY Knicks and Miami have taken gambles on some grizzled vets

The comparisons don’t stop there. In fact, one could argue that the remaining free agency path is nearly identical.

The Knicks added veteran shooting guard Evan Fournier in their next biggest deal. The Heat followed suit by locking up their homegrown sharpshooter Duncan Robinson.

New York then turned their attention to adding role players known for their defensive abilities and grit.

2020-21 Knicks Nerlenes Noel, Taj Gibson, and Alec Burks all rejoined the team.

Miami on the other hand made several reported depth moves, including the retention of backup center Dewayne Dedmon and the addition of defensive star in PJ Tucker.

It is remarkable how similar these two franchises have approached free agency and the building of their teams. We haven’t even mentioned the fact that the Knicks resigned veteran Derrick Rose while the Heat took a chance on an injured Victor Oladipo.

While the Knicks have been able to find a key role for an oft-injured Rose, the Heat are hoping to find similar revitalization with their former All-Star.

So how should Knicks fans feel about mirroring an Eastern Conference rival so closely?

While the recent incarnation of the Knicks has had very few encounters with Miami, fans of the 1990’s teams remember considerable beef between the two teams.

Here’s a brief refresher course if needed.

While there is no love lost between these two teams, it is difficult to argue against Miami as a module NBA franchise.

They have built incredible teams around a revolving door of stars including Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Jimmy Butler.

In fact, they have had 6 Finals appearances since 2006. Three of those ended with the Heat as champions.

They draft well. They build well. They have even developed a knack for finding real talent in the latter portion of drafts and undrafted player pools.

Fans of the Knicks should be greatly encouraged to see their team following a similar path. Few franchises in sports have earned admiration and respect like the Heat.

While the Knicks still have work to do to catch their Eastern foes, they appear to be well on their way to building a sustainable winner.

Here’s hoping they can mimic the same level of postseason success.

How do you feel about the Knicks mirroring the Miami Heat?

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