NY Knicks: Breaking down every possible Point Guard option for 2021 season

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These are some free agents the NY Knicks can potentially sign

Chris Paul – He just made it to the finals for the first time in his career at the age of 36.

He’s not going to a rebuilding team like the Knicks.

He’ll either re-sign with Phoenix and run it back or perhaps find a way to get himself onto the Lakers.

Dead in the water.

Mike Conley – I like Mike Conley.

I like the idea of having him come to the Knicks as a stopgap even though I complained about stopgap point guard just a few slides ago.

That said, he’ll be re-signing with Utah. Nothing to discuss here.

Spencer Dinwiddie – Would have been happy to have Spencer Dinwiddie here until he went on some podcast and said he would ‘consider’ a 5-year, $125 million deal to stay in Brooklyn if they offered it to him.

Get lost.

Dennis Schröder – He declined an $84 million contract extension from the Lakers earlier this season.

That’s a team that still has LeBron James and Anthony Davis on it and will be in title contention until LeBron’s feet fall off.

If I’m any team in the league, I’m not paying Schroder $84 million, let alone the $100 million he’s rumored to be asking for.

He’s best as a 6th man, not a starter. I will cry if the Knicks signed him.

Reggie Jackson – Reggie is on the wrong side of 30 years old and outside of a few incredible postseason performances, he’s been just ‘ok’ for a while now.

If he was ok being a stopgap while the Knicks groom a rookie from this year’s or next year’s draft, and was willing to sign for around $10 million per season, I’d be all for it.

Chances are, if he leaves the Clippers, it’ll be for much more than $10 million annually.


Devonte Graham – Great shooter and a much better facilitator than meets the eye.

Before LaMelo Ball came to town, he was averaging over 18 points and 7.5 assists per game.

He is a bit of a liability on defense and is regularly has one of the worst shot percentages inside the 3-point line in the entire league.

That said, I still doubt Charlotte lets him go anywhere else but he’s definitely one of my favorite options.

TJ McConnell – Now here’s a player that I never thought I’d be mentioning but here we are.

The guys here at Daily Knicks kinda sold me on TJ as an ‘if all else fails’ kind of option at the point.

McConnell isn’t the sexiest or flashiest option, but he’s an Advanced Stats darling, a pesky defender, and a terrific floor general.

Not the best shooter but that’s ok for a temporary fill-in.

He’d be the cheapest option so far and believe me, the Knicks could do way worse.