NY Knicks: Breaking down every possible Point Guard option for 2021 season

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Some potential Sign-and-Trade options for the NY Knicks

Lonzo Ball – I’m going purely based on an assumption for both of the players I’ll be mentioning on this page.

The Knicks could very well outbid all other teams and sign Lonzo Ball without having to trade any assets.

David Griffin, the Pelicans VP of Basketball Operations, might make it hard for anyone trying to get Lonzo for anything less than a blatant overpay.

He’s gotten better year over year and would bring the Knicks one of the best transition point guards in the league.

He doesn’t drive and penetrate like Thibs likes his PGs to do and isn’t the best in the half-court which was a weakness of the Knicks this past season, but I’d still love to have Lonzo here if the numbers or numbers AND trade package made sense.

Kyle Lowry – Again, going purely off of speculation here.

I’m going based on the rumors that Lowry would want to help Toronto out the best he could and only agree to a sign-and-trade.

There were much better teams than the Knicks that were interested in his services at the most recent March trade deadline such as the 76ers and Lakers.

Those teams are likely to fork over a better package than the Knicks should.

I’d personally be ok with the Knicks giving Lowry a massive overpay of like $60 million over 2 seasons but make the second year a team option.

This way the team maintains flexibility.

I’m sold on Lowry…but not sold on how the Knicks would have to acquire him.