NY Knicks: Reacting to atrocious Collin Sexton trade proposal

NY Knicks, Collin Sexton (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Collin Sexton (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

Over the past week, there have been many mock trades for potential NY Knicks target Collin Sexton, but I just saw a new proposal that is so bad that if Leon Rose made this trade, he should be banned from all of New York.

DailyKnicks has covered Collin Sexton trades extensively, and we should probably be the only FanSided page covering it. Let’s take a look at the mock trade.

NY Knicks: Reacting to Atrocious Collin Sexton Trade Proposal

Before we get into why this trade itself is complete garbage, I have two notes: The original trade piece on FactoryOfSadness, the FanSided site for Cleveland sports, called the 32nd pick a first-round pick.

Look, football has 32 teams, and FactoryOfSadness is for all sports, but just to be clear, the NBA has 30 teams. There are 30 first-round picks. If you cannot count NBA teams correctly, do not make mock trades with picks or mock trades at all. Here was the trade that was proposed…

It was also written that the NY Knicks lack valuable talent, insinuating that maybe the Cavs do. The Cavs do not, and it is funny to see a Cavs article talk about a playoff team’s talent when all your team is known for is LeBron James still being Cleveland’s franchise player despite him being 36 and on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now let’s focus on what has to be a practical joke of a trade. First off, RJ Barrett has around double the trade value that Sexton does. Why would the Knicks ever trade Barrett for Sexton, then also decide to take on two awful mistakes that Cleveland calls contracts as the Knicks also give Quickley and Obi Toppin.

The reasoning for giving Quickley is apparently the Cavs would demand Quickley also since Sexton is a better offensive player than Barrett. Well, the gap between their defense is a lot larger, and Barrett is far better at defending than Sexton.

I was unaware that since Collin Sexton is a better scorer than Barrett, the Knicks should also give both Quickley and Obi and take on maybe the NBA’s worst contract in Kevin Love just to make things more even. No, this is not how it works. This is not NBA 2k21 MyLeague, this is the NBA, where we use our heads.

The writer was unaware that opposing teams are still worried that Sexton shoots too much to trade for him. This lowers his value to the point where the Knicks probably would hesitate to trade Quickley and the 19th pick for Sexton.

Sexton will want close to a max contract extension after next season, which also lowers his value, but hey, let’s trade RJ Barrett for him.

It was also stated in the article, all us Knick fans think RJ is the next Kevin Durant since they are such similar players and definitely play offense the same way, since if you write for FactoryOfSadness, you learn the truth that after watching zero Knick games, you can tell RJ is clearly an isolation scorer.

If you read Zachary Bachar’s article on why RJ Barrett is untouchable, you’ll realize why Knicks fans are hesitant to trade him in a package for Damian Lillard, however, in this mock trade, he is just a part of a deal for Collin Sexton and the around 60 million that Kevin Love is owed over the next two years.

This trade suggestion is a complete work of comedy. The NY Knicks should not trade three players and two first-round picks for three players that bring the Knicks around half the win shares that the guys they would trade away brought this year. Also, once again, the 32nd pick IS NOT A FIRST ROUND PICK.

This mock trade is really a disaster, and hopefully, the Knicks NEVER make a trade even half as awful.

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