NY Knicks: 4 Ex-Knicks to consider bringing back this summer

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I know I’ve said this in various different ways over the last few articles I’ve written, but I’ll say it here again — I love how flexible the NY Knicks have become over the last few seasons.

As a lifelong fan, I’ve seen the ups and downs of this team, more so ‘downs’ but you get the picture.

It felt like every year, the fanbase was hoping and praying for the lottery to fall in our favor for once and some rookie would come in and be the savior.

Or a huge free-agent star would choose New York City as his next home.

Or a massive name would hit the trade rumor mill and as always, New York was a destination he’d be rumored to.

But now, while we’d all like those things to happen, I don’t think we necessarily NEED them to.

Would you want the NY Knicks to bring back any of these former players?

I’ve personally been going through a million different scenarios regarding the Knicks’ draft and free agency, and even if the team doesn’t make the splashy signing or package their picks to move up,

I still think they could be in great shape now and in the future.

Ian Begley of SNY believes that the Knicks could perhaps just hold off until the summer of 2022 to make some serious moves.

The Knicks would ultimately go into this offseason focused solely on next year and having a nice chunk of cap space left to play around with.

This is what brings me to the idea for this article.

The Knicks just finished in 4th place and hosted a playoff series in The Garden.

Granted, a lot of the reason as to why they finished where they did could have been implications from the pandemic and the fallout from it…but that’s neither here nor there.

The fanbase might be in for a rude awakening because we may see some regression for the team next year.

But James Dolan still has a business to run, so what moves would allow the Knicks to remain flexible but could also help attract fans and put butts in seats?

Bringing the band back together! That’s what!

None of these names are going to blow anyone’s hair back, and may not necessarily contribute to very much winning this season, but they’ll keep the Knicks somewhat competitive while providing a little bit of nostalgic value on top.

Here are 4 Ex-Knicks players the team should consider bringing back this offseason.

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