NY Knicks: Free agents that address NY’s least efficient play types

NY Knicks, 2021 NBA Draft (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, 2021 NBA Draft (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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How can the NY Knicks improve the team’s cutting efficiency?

Dead last. The pits. Jean-Ralphio. The worst.

That’s where the Knicks ranked in points per possession on cuts during the regular season.

Cuts account for anywhere between 5-10% of a team’s offensive attack, and they are an incredibly efficient scoring method. Even the Knicks’ last-place finish is still above the league average on points per possession.

The Knicks could absolutely boost their offensive output by increasing the frequency and efficiency of that play type.

Free Agent Option–Daniel Theis (UFA)

If the Knicks choose not to re-sign Nerlens Noel, Daniel Theis could become a nice backup 5 for the Knicks, especially in regards to improving cutting efficiency.

Almost 16% of Theis’s scoring opportunities come on cuts, and he puts the ball in the basket to the tune of 1.51 points per possession.  

Theis only made $5 million last year with Boston and Chicago, so he could potentially be a really affordable option to garner backup center minutes.

Free Agent Option–Tony Bradley (RFA)

I see Theis’s points per possession and raise you Tony Bradley’s 1.71 on a nearly 25% frequency of his shot attempts.

Bradley is also a Weigh DAE darling. He landed in the top 40 in the entire league last season, so he would be an addition that helped the Knicks across the board.

Bradley, who is only 23, was traded to the Thunder at the deadline. It is unclear whether he would be in the Thunder’s long-term plans. Truthfully, it’s unclear what exactly the Thunder’s long-term plans even are.

It might be worthwhile for the Knicks to try a deal in the neighborhood of 3 years/$9-$12 million and see if he’s too rich for the Thunder’s blood. A contract like what the Knicks gave Austin Rivers last year might even get it done.

Free Agent Option–T.J. McConnell (UFA)

Here is another great backup point guard option for the Knicks whose 1.64 points per possession on cuts would help boost a team’s weakness.

He scores significantly lower on Weigh DAE than either Theis or Bradley, but a McConnell signing would be about more than data.

This guy feels like he would be a great cultural fit that Thibs could use to annoy opposing guards. His ability to force turnovers, and just be a downright pest, would be greatly appreciated in the Garden. McConnell should definitely be a player on the team’s radar for next year.

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