NY Knicks: 2 players worth overpaying this offseason

NY Knicks (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
NY Knicks (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks
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The 2021 NBA offseason is projected to be quite an entertaining one for both the NY Knicks as well as their fanbase as a whole.

After surprising even the most optimistic of fans this past year by winning 41 games, securing the fourth-seed in the Eastern Conference standings, and attaining their first playoff berth since 2013, the Knickerbockers are once again a hot ticket for the media and, hopefully, available players this summer.

That said, we as a fandom have felt this optimism before and, in turn, it wound up biting us all in the rears during past offseason excursions.

This time around, while it’s good to feel positive, straying too far away from reality could end up being one’s downfall when it comes to viewing the summer for the Knickerbockers after it’s all said and done.

Should the NY Knicks overpay to acquire these 2 free agents this offseason?

Now look, do we believe New York will be in the running for some of this year’s top available players, be it via free agency or trade?


However, to solely focus one’s attention on that aspect of the offseason would be rather shallow-minded, as there are many avenues this front office can wind up embarking on that could lead this team to great heights come 2021-22.

One approach the NY Knicks could have this offseason in an effort to be one of the busier ball clubs is to utilize their ample cap space that could find itself with a value of up to $53 million and shell out some hard cash to players that, perhaps initially, could be viewed as somewhat of an ‘overpay.’

Of course, we’re not suggesting Leon Rose and co. should toss money around like Allen Iverson at a strip club, but sometimes when it comes to free agency, methodically paying a bit more than market value can wind up benefiting a team in the long run.

With this in mind, today we discuss 2 free agents that may be worth splurging on: