NY Knicks Fireworks Part 1: Top 10 Alley-Oops From 20-21

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When I think about the Fourth of July, I think about barbeques, summertime, and the American Flag.

With this week being about America’s Independence, I thought it would be fun to explore one of the holiday’s best features and the number one thing that comes to mind: fireworks.

But we won’t just be looking at just any fireworks. I’m talking New York Knicks dunks!

More specifically, this series is meant to celebrate the holiday with the best dunks from the Knicks during the 20-21 season.

Here are the Top 10 Alley-Oops from the NY Knicks’ 2020-21 season

This list will feature the top 10 alley-oops from New York.

If a Knicks player threw the ball towards the rim and another Knick finished it off by putting the ball in the hole, then it very well could be seen here.

So, if you find yourself stuffing your face with hamburgers and hotdogs, or chilling at the beach or by the pool, or even if you’re just getting drunk next to a campfire surrounded by friends and family, don’t be afraid to make the New York Knicks a part of your celebration.

Make sure to look out for part 2 (top 10 Obi Toppin Dunks) and part 3 (finale/top 10 Knicks dunks) of this fireworks series. Let’s light this dynamite stick!

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