NY Knicks: Zion Williamson/RJ Barrett relationship is something to watch for

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NY Knicks

RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, NY Knicks. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the NY Knicks are heading into an offseason with cap space, it means they’re going to be linked to every superstar in the league.

It typically leads to photoshopped images, exaggerated “news” reports, and “hypothetical” articles about “trade packages” for superstars who aren’t even being made available.

NY Knicks: Zion Williamson’s situation is actually worth monitoring

So I’m not going to write a “What would it take for the NY Knicks to trade for Zion Williamson” article because we’re not there…yet.

The thing that differentiates Zion Williamson from previously rumored big-names is that there are actual, real-life ties to the Knicks that are, well, pretty obvious. Not only are the connections there, but Zion Williamson is a player who appears to be in an incredibly murky, sinking environment in New Orleans.

It seems like with star players of the past, the “evidence” given that they want to head to New York is simply that they play in a smaller market, period. Thinking of the recent names like the Donovan Mitchells and Devin Bookers, those are the kinds of rumors that just come from thin air.

The early Zion Williamson rumors actually tie into recent reporting about his family, New Orleans’ front office, and his own personal happiness. His current situation is just the first piece of the equation. It starts with his close ties to the NY Knicks’ roster.

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