NY Knicks: Reacting to 3 proposed trades with Minnesota Timberwolves

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NY Knicks (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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So everyone’s tryna trade with the NY Knicks now, huh?

This isn’t your typical Knicks of old…they’re out of the getting fleeced in every trade they do business.

My colleague Dylan Jackson over at Dunking with Wolves, a sister site of Daily Knicks recently wrote about 3 trades he would like to see happen between his Minnesota Timberwolves and our New York Knicks.

Somehow they think that they’re closer to title contention with Karl-Anthony Towns, DLo, and Anthony Edwards than the Knicks are today.

Should the NY Knicks consider any of these trades with the T-Wolves?

Just because y’all traded your 1st rounder this year to the Warriors, doesn’t mean you get to rip our team to shreds of any and all valuable assets.

I’ve hypothetically traded for KAT and Malik Beasley before as I think Minnesota is best unloading any value they have on the roster and building around last year’s first overall pick, Anthony Edwards.

That organization has been doing anything and everything for a few years now to try to keep Towns around for as long as they can, but its essentially inevitable that he will be asking out of Minny in the near future.

My point is, the T-Wolves have no business trying to catch a ‘come up’ off of the Knicks’ backs and it would be NY that would be trying to pry away their talented players and not the other way around.

Here are my reactions to 3 proposed trades by DK’s sister site, Dancing with Wolves.