New York Knicks: The 5 biggest offseason storylines

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New York Knicks: Mitchell Robinson’s situation

Fans and pundits have questioned Mitchell Robinson’s value to the Knicks several times this season.

The Knicks were 26 and 15 in games where Robinson didn’t play. In the months of February, March, April, and May, Nerlens Noel averaged over two blocks a game and the Knicks were a top-five defense, with the exception of March. Even though those numbers don’t tell the full story, it’s fair to wonder whether the Knicks should invest heavily in a player whose offense is limited to put-backs and dunks.

Add on the fact that, in theory, if you can get some or most of Mitch’s defense from Noel at a fraction of the price, can that money be spent more wisely in upgrading other positions?

The problem is, of course, that Noel in addition to several other Knicks, got exposed in the playoffs. Robinson’s rebounding, a skill that he improved this past season, was missed. And that leads us to this offseason. Robinson’s injury gives the Knicks some leverage and in regards to how they want to approach his contract. The Knicks have a club option, which they can exercise and probably should. Let him play out the last year of his contract. If he’s healthy and playing well, they can always extend during the season or the summer.

There will be concerns going forward about Mitch’s long-term health, but given more time with Kenny Payne, it’s reasonable to believe that Robinson could reach his potential in a Knicks uniform.