NY Knicks: Luca Vildoza will have chance to shine this summer

NY Knicks, Luca Vildoza (Photo by Anatolij Medved/BSR Agency/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Luca Vildoza (Photo by Anatolij Medved/BSR Agency/Getty Images) /

The NY Knicks will get to see their new point guard Luca Vildoza play in some high-level competition this summer.

Vildoza arrived in New York in the midst of their playoff run and we still haven’t gotten to see him on the court as a member of the Knicks. Both fans and the front office are going to get plenty of exposure to the Argentine guard this summer.

NY Knicks: Luca Vildoza will participate in the Olympics, NBA Summer League

Vildoza has already established himself overseas. While playing for Baskonia in Spain, Vildoza led the team to a Liga ACB championship in 2020 where he won Finals MVP. Now, he’s going to have a whole new group of eyes on him as Knicks fans and front office members will be watching his performance in the upcoming Olympics.

Vildoza will likely have a prominent role for Argentina’s national team, and it will be the first time many NBA fans will get to see Luca Vildoza play live.

He’ll be playing against a lot of current NBA players, so it’s going to terrific evaluation period for Knicks’ brass to see where Vildoza may fit in with the current roster.

Almost immediately after the Olympics, we’ll get to see Vildoza in orange and blue.

The NBA recently announced that the Summer League will take place in Las Vegas, August 8th-17th. We’re still a long way from knowing the NY Knicks’ summer league roster, and we’ll have a much clearer idea of what it may look like after the NBA Draft.

It’s going to be a fun group to watch with last year’s rookies Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley likely to join the roster after not having a Summer League last year.

Luca Vildoza could be running the show on the summer league roster.

It’s a chance to see how Luca Vildoza will mesh with some of his future teammates. He’s very likely to be a part of the team’s second unit, so it will be a valuable experience for him getting to play with Quickley and Toppin, who play big parts on the NY Knicks’ bench.

There’s a lot to be excited about for Luca Vildoza’s arrival. We haven’t seen him take the court in the NBA yet, but by most accounts, New York seems like they are going to get tremendous value.

Get ready to finally see plenty of Luca Vildoza crossovers, stepbacks, and 5-piece bbq chicken combo moves this summer.

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