NY Knicks: Predicting the 5 most likely Stars to come to NY in offseason

NY Knicks, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks, DeMar DeRozan
NY Knicks, DeMar DeRozan (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

NY Knicks Star Target #3 – DeMar DeRozan

If you asked me a year ago if I would have wanted DeMar DeRozan on the Knicks, I wouldn’t have been able to say ‘NO’ fast enough.

I just didn’t see him matching their timeline and the fit next to RJ Barrett and Julius Randle would have been awful as prior to this season, the 3 were viewed as non-shooters.

Now, I am much more open to the idea because both RJ and Randle shot above 40% from 3-point land this year and DeRozan also fits Coach Thibs’ system in that he’s a playmaker from a spot other than the point guard.

If the Knicks acquired another high-level scorer that shoots well for their starting point guard position, DeRozan would be a tremendous option on the wing for New York.

DeRozan played essentially every position 1 through 4 this year and had one of his best playmaking seasons of his career.

He averaged 7 assists per game and kept up his regular 20+ point per game scoring average while averaging the fewest turnovers per game since before he became a primary ball handler on any team he’s been on.

There were rumors that the Knicks were interested in pursuing him last offseason had he opted out of his contract, but alas, he did not.

Now that there’s nothing holding either of the parties back, it could be a direction the Knicks go this offseason.