NY Knicks: Predicting the 5 most likely Stars to come to NY in offseason

NY Knicks, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
NY Knicks, Damian Lillard (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks, Kyle Lowry
NY Knicks, Kyle Lowry (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

NY Knicks Star Target #1 – Kyle Lowry

As much as I would love for the Knicks to be able to acquire Kyle Lowry as a free agent and give up nothing, a sign and trade looks like the most likely option.

Reason being that Lowry is viewed as a god in Toronto and if he were to leave in the offseason, he would probably do his best to make sure the Raptors get something back in a deal instead of losing him for nothing.

He’s so good that some team will be willing to cough up some serious assets to get him, I just pray the price isn’t too high and the Knicks lose someone or something of actual value.

Ian Begley reported that the Knicks have had internal discussions before regarding Lowry so the interest is likely still there considering that Coach Thibs does have a preference for veteran guards running the point in his offense.

Supposedly Lowry wants a deal in the realm of 2-years, $50 million, so here’s a trade I’d be ok with for the ability to sign him in the offseason:

I think there’s teams out there who’d be willing to give up more than that, I just hope the Knicks don’t fall in love with the idea of having Kyle Lowry and trade away the farm.

Signing and trading Frank Ntilikina to Toronto makes sense as he just fits the mold of a typical Raptors guard in their system.

Kevin Knox would provide Toronto with a nice depth wing who can hit a corner 3 and would have more of a chance to make it into their rotation than he does in New York.

The first rounder the Knicks would be moving is likely to be in the 20’s, so the lottery protection I put on the pick should be useless…

But just in case the Knicks implode next year, at least we keep our draft pick in 2022.