NY Knicks: Ranking the 5 most valuable players on today’s roster

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The 4th most valuable player on the NY Knicks today is Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was arguably the best player on the court during the 5 games that the Knicks played in this year’s playoffs.

His production toward the end of the season and into the playoffs showed shades of MVP Derrick Rose from a decade ago.

Even though he can’t dunk through the roof like he once could, he’s still a dangerous weapon on offense to have moving forward.

His 3-point shooting ability has improved drastically so that makes up for his lack of athleticism.

Even though he’s not physically the same player he once was, the one thing you don’t lose is your mind.

The will to win and compete at a high level will never go away, and when you’ve had as much success as Rose has had in his career, you’re guaranteed to be an impactful player.

Although his contract is up and will be looking for a new one this offseason, there seems to be mutual interest between the Knicks and Rose moving forward.

Him being 32 years old and in need of a new contract does lower his value here a bit, but he’s still one of the most important players on the Knicks today regardless.

Keeping him as a solid 6th man off the bench or even as the team’s starter for a season or two until they find their long-term point guard could be the two directions the Knicks take, but regardless of where Rose plays in the rotation, he’s going to contribute at a high level as long as he’s upright.