NY Knicks: Ranking the 5 most valuable players on today’s roster

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The 5th most valuable player(s) on the NY Knicks are Obi and Mitch

Starting things off being super confused because this one is a major toss-up between Mitchell Robinson and Obi Toppin.

If Mitch wasn’t perpetually injured, I don’t think this one would be close.

In fact, if he was healthier more often, he would probably be a lot higher up on this list.

When Mitchell Robinson is healthy, he’s an absolute force on defense and anchors down low for a team that wasn’t necessarily known for its defensive identity prior to this season.

When Coach Thibs came to town last year, I was most excited to see what he could do with Mitch in particular over anyone else.

A couple of freak injuries caused Mitch to play in just 31 games on the season.

Obi wouldn’t have been on this list 2 months ago, but as the season progressed, so did Obi.

Toppin came from a system at Dayton that was built almost entirely around him with a two point guard starting lineup.

For a traditional rim-runner, that’s a perfect situation to be in.

At times during the beginning of the season, Obi didn’t look like he belonged on a professional basketball court.

Toward the end of the season, Obi started to contribute in any way he possibly could even if it wasn’t in the scoring department and showed signs of becoming a very solid player one day.

While Mitch is the better player today and might always be the better player for all we know, his injury history devalues him a tad, as does his contract situation.

He’s up for an extension soon and might be asking for a lot of money which the Knicks should be reluctant to offer him.

Bring him back if the price is right only, centers are a dime a dozen nowadays.

Obi on the other hand is just entering the 2nd season of his rookie deal which is a valuable position to have a good player in.