One player at each position New York Knicks should target in Offseason

Serge Ibaka, Knicks: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
Serge Ibaka, Knicks: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports /
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Serge Ibaka, Knicks: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports /

New York Knicks center target: Serge Ibaka

One team out there is going to pay Richaun Holmes an unforgivable amount of money. I doubt it’ll be the Knicks, but don’t cross a move like that out of the box.

Ibaka on the other hand would be another bench glue guy that would be a perfect pick up, especially if New York were to land a superstar in Lillard or Leonard.

It’s hard to believe Ibaka will be just 32 years old next year, but that leads me to believe that he’s not going to retire just this minute. His minutes have certainly decreased in line with his production on the court, but Ibaka is still a valuable shot-blocking big man in today’s NBA. That defensive prowess would be applauded inside Madison Square Garden.

Even if Ibaka is the only player on this shortlist that the New York Knicks are able to sign. Assuming they resign most of the basic lineup, that bench would be multiplied because of his presence. Ibaka may have played on a lot of playoff teams led by other superstars, but he’s always given his team a boost on defense and is an underrated scorer.

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